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Recovery schedule at Pathophysiology all Faculties 2021

Recuperarea Restante 2020-2021

Stomatology tests SIMU questions for I totalization

Questions of I totalization of Stomatology (writing)

Atestearea 1 test SIMU AMG

Atestearea 1 test SIMU Medicina Preventiva

Atestarea 1 Test SIMU Stomatologie RUS

Atestarea 1 Practica Stomatologie RUS

Atestarea 1 Practica Stomatologie rom

Atestarea 1 SIMU Stomatologie rom

Atestarea I Farmacie oral scris

Atestarea 1 Farmacie test SIMU


Intrebari Atestarea I test Medicina 1 ROM

Intrebari Atestarea I test Medicina 1 RUS


























Questions of VI total.

Total V questions oral evaluation 2020-2021 

Questions of I totalisation GM 2020-2021 

MG Intrebari Atestarea IV 2020-2021 Ru

Questions of IV totalisation to pathophysiology in academic year 2020-2021

Intrebari Atestarea IV

Intrebari Atestarea V

Intrebari Atestarea V RUS

Atestarea VI rom

Atestarea VI rus

Atest 3 Stom Ru

General Medicine. Questions of III tot.

Atestarea 3 Medicina Rus

Atestarea 3 Medicina Rom

Atestarea 3 Farmacie

Atestarea 3 San Publica

Atestarea 3 Stomatologie

Atestarea 2 MG 1 Rus

Totalisation 2 STOM oral online

Atestarea 2 Sanatate Publica

Atestarea 2 Stomatologie RUS

Atestarea 2 Stomatologie rom

Atestarea 2 Farmacie

Atestarea 2 Medicina 1 rom

Questions of II totalis GM 2020-2021.docx

Stom tot.1 online 2020 .docx

Atestarea  1 online Stomatologie Rus

Atestarea 1 verbal online Stomatologie

Intrebari pentru evaluare curenta si atestari San Pub 2020

Atestarea 1 verbal Medicina 1 Rus

Atestarea 1 verbal Medicina 1

Questions of I totalisation GM II 2020-2021

Questions stom. 2020-2021.doc

Questions of practice classes GM II 2020-2021.doc

Announcement. Recovery of historical absences and attestations all Faculties 2020

AVIZ Recuperare Atestari istorice 2020 Toate facultatile

AVIZ Recuperare an universitar 2019-2020

Questions of writting VI total

Recovery schedule.docx

Recuperarile on line in perioada starii de urgenta 2020

Totalization V quetions oral 2020_1.docx

Atestarea 3 Medicina 1 SIMU 2019 RUS

Questions of III totalization stomatology 2019.doc

Entreb totalizarea III medicin general ROM 2019 doc

questions III totalization GM 2019.docx

Atestarea 3 Stom RUS SIMU 2019

Atestarea 3 Stom Rom SIMU 2019

Atestarea 3 SAN PUB SIMU 2019

atest 3 Farm SIMU 2019

Entrebări total. III AMG 2019-2020_3doc

writting questions II tot. stom. 2019-2020_.docx

Tests questions II tot. stom. 2019-2020.docx

Atestarea 2 Medicina 1 Oral Scris 2019 RUS

Atestarea 2 Medicina I SIMU 2019 Rus

Atestarea 2 AMG SIMU 2019

Writting questions II total. 2019-2020_.docx

Tests questions II totalzation GM 202019-2020.docx

Atestarea II Medicina I scris oral 2019 rom

Atestarea II Medicina I SIMU 2019 rom

Atestarea 2 SanPub Oral Scris 2019

Arestarea 2 SIMU San Pub 2019

Atestarea  2 Stom Oral Scris 2019 RUS

Atestarea 2 Stom SIMU 2019 RUS

Atestarea 2 oral scris Stom 2019 rom

Atestarea 2 SIMU Stomatologie 2019 rom

Writting questions II total. 2019-2020.docx

Questions II totalization GEN MED ENG 202019-2020.docx

Atestarea 2 Farm Teste si Oral 2019

Recuperare Restante Istorice 2019-2020

Stom tot.1 writing 2019-2020.docx

stomatology tests question for I totalization 2019-2020.docx

Atestarea-I-Farmacie-oral 2019-2020


Atestarea 1 stomatologie oral,scris 2019-20 rus

Atestarea 1 stomatologie SIMU 2019-20 rus

Atestarea 1 scris-oral Stomatologie 2019-20 rom

Atestarea 1 SIMU Stomatologie 2019-20 rom

Atestarea 1 (verbal) San pub 2019-2020

Atestearea 1 test SIMU Sanatate Publica 2019-20

Intrebari Atestarea I SIMU Medicina I  2019-20 rus

Intrebari Atestarea I SIMU Medicina I 2019-20 rom

Atestearea 1 test SIMU Surori medicale 2019

List of questions for I totalization 202019-2020