Pathophysiology and clinical pathophysiology


A brief history

Department of Pathophysiology and clinical pathophysiology was founded in 1945. The post of Head of Department has been occupied by:

1945 – Professor Piotr Andreev
1945-1948, 1950-1955, 1961-1963 – Professor Bronislava Kurţer
1948-1950 – Professor Piotr Ermolaev
1955-1958 – Professor Nicolai Colpicov
1958-1961 – Professor Eugene Cucinski
1963 – 1990 – Professor Andrei Zorkin
1990 – 1994 – Professor Leonid Cobâleanschi
1994. 2001 – Professor Porphyry Cazacu
Since 2001 – Professor Vasile Lutan

Until 1963 the work of the department is mainly focused on the creation of the material base of the department and the staffing of the professional teaching staff,  work carried out by future professors Alexandru Robu and Andrei Dovganski who have completed doctor studies at the Leningrad Military Medical Academy, USSR.

In 1963 Professor Andrei Zor’kin who came to work in Chisinau from the Leningrad Military Medical Academy, was elected the Head of the Department. Professor Andrei Zor’kin initiated the restructuring of teaching and research activities of the Department on the basis of the experience of the St. Petersburg School of pathophysiology. The thematic  plans of lectures and practical courses were revised. Particular attention was given to demonstration of experiments on laboratory animals, demonstrations of educational films, etc.

Scientific investigations have been directed towards the study of pathogenetic mechanisms of traumatic shock and visceral, hipokineziei, tetanus, trauma therapy (shock and ionizing radiation). Fundamental research has been initiated to study the spectrum of amino acids and steroid hormones, biogenic amines. Under the directing of Professor A.Zorkin supported PhD thesis in medicine members of the Department  V.Niguleanu, A.Iarovoi, L.Lâsâi, L.Cobâleanschi, P.Cazacu, V.Lutan, V.Burlacu, V.Ouatu, Tatiana Zorkina, V.Marcenco,  and MD thesis by Bronislava Kurţer, A.Dovganschi, V.Niguleanu, A.Goranschi, L.Cobâleanschi, L.Lâsăi. In total under Professor A.Zorkin directing were supported  9 MD theses and 33 PhD theses in medicine,  also 5 monographs, 8 collections of works and about 1000 scientific articles have been published.

During 1990-94 the Department was headed by Dr. habilitate in medicine, Professor L.Cobîleanschi, which further improved the educational activity and continued scientific investigations at the molecular level. In that period of national revival and return to the Romanian language, the books “Dicţionarul explicativ fiziopatologic român-rus-francez” (L.Cobîleanschi, P.Cazacu, V.Lutan şi V.Ţuşco), “Compediul de lucrâri practice la fiziopatologie” (L.Cobîleanschi, P.Cazacu, A.Iarovoi, A.Dovganski), “Introducere în imunopatologie” (A.Iarovoi, P.Cazacu) have been published.

In 1990, a group of authors, members of the Department headed by Professor L.Kobylyanski was awarded the State Award of the Republic of Moldova for Medicine for the investigations of the problem of extreme states.

Scientific activity of the Department has been directed towards the study of metabolic processes in organs and tissues in severe mechanical trauma caused by prolonged compression of soft tissues. For the first time a comprehensive biochemical, functional and morphological study was done  on laboratory animals adapted and dysadapted to hypoxia, and pathogenetic role of lipid peroxidation and lysosomal mechanisms in mechanical trauma and the protective effect of hyperbaric oxygen were established. Under the directing of Professor L.Cobâleanschi were supported three MD theses  and 6 PhD theses in medicine, including Eleonora Bors, Valeriu Gafencu, Alexandr Derbenţev.

In the years 1994 – 2001 the Department was headed by Professor P.Cazacu. In these years the information technologies were implemented in the education process. It was developed a program of control of knowledges in pathophysiology,  and the Department was equipped with computers. Prof. P.Cazacu edited the textbook “Pathophysiology. 1000 tests on the computer. ” Scientific investigations initiated by Prof. L.Cobâleanschi  and Prof. P.Cazacu as the scientific consultant, ended with the support of  PhD theses by Stela Todiraş, C.Hangan, A.Vişnevschi and Eugen Cobâleanschi.

From 2001 to the present, the Department of Pathophysiology and clinical pathophysiology manages Professor Vasile Lutan. During this period he continued to work in order to adjust the education process to Europian Standards and the implementation of the Problem Based Learning. The syllabus was revised for all faculties, the complex of exam tests for pathophysiology was developed.

Managed by Professor V.Lutan, Department staff developed a textbook “Medical Pathophysiology” (vol.I and  II),  Collection of the Learning Problems, Theoretical Course for Dental Specialty with the Elements of Problem Based Learning, Handbook of “Pathology” for Specialty Pharmacy.  Main directions of research in the Department are focused on the study of combustion and hemorrhagic shock pathogenesis, including the role of hyaluronic acid and proinflammatory cytokines, local and systemic inflammation in the pathogenesis of hemorrhagic shock. Under the  directing of Prof. V.Lutan were reserved five PhD theses in Biology an Medicine (Mariana Bezdrâghin, Elina Pelin, Oleg Galbur,  Angela Bitca, Victoria Rotaru) and one thesis of Doctor of Medicine (MD,  Anatol Vişnevschi).

Pathophysiology Department has organized the prestigious scientific forums: Session of the Society for Pathophysiology of the USSR (1968), Union Symposium of Pathophysiologists “Shock” (1971), Union Scientific Conference “Pathogenetic treatment of severe trauma” (1981), Union Congress of Pathophysiology (1989), The Union Scientific Conference of USSR  ”Extreme States” (1991).

The members of the Department  presented the scientific materials to The Union Congresses for Pathophysiology (Baku, 1970, Tashkent, 1976, Tbilisi, 1982, Erevan, 1990) and The World Congresses for Pathophysiology (Varna, 1980, Moscow, 1991, Tokyo, 1994).